HONRONS offers size reduction equipment and recycling/disposal solutions for different solid wastes, which will help to improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce the space taken up in landfills.

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HONRONS is committed to protecting the earth and promoting sustainable development by improving waste disposal and recycling efficiency.

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HONRONS’s production lines have been widely used in waste disposal, which can handle all solid wastes such as municipal solid waste, plastic, cardboard, large waste, industrial hazardous waste, waste tire, non-ferrous metal, electronic waste, etc. With advanced intelligent control system, HONRONS helps customers improve the automation and availability of projects, reduce the operating cost and system risk, and realize long-term development planning.

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Anhui Honrons Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

HONRONS is an entity-based enterprise driven by technological innovation and social responsibility. Relying on the support of many high-quality customers at home and abroad, we continue to provide high-energy and low-consumption shredders, crushers, screening and other solid waste line supporting equipment for the field of solid waste disposal and recycling, and provide solutions with strong availability.

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We have built a team with extensive experience and service awareness to provide our customers with the most innovative equipment solutions, as well as proven craftsmanship and strong technology in the industry.

Andy Lau
Design Engineer

Daniel Wu
Project Manager

Jasper Liu

Karena Ng
Marketing & Sales

Customer Reviews

Quality creates the future, integrity wins the market

The boss is very kind and enthusiastic. He tried various types of machines to shred tires for me, and even went to buy used tires for testing. The packaging is also very careful and careful….



The crushing efficiency is high, the price is not expensive, plastic bottles and the like can be crushed within 2 cm, the size is also very uniform, and the processing efficiency is high….



The appearance design is very beautiful, the test machine effect is good, the crushing power is strong, the crushed material is uniform, and the blade size can be adjusted….

Mr. Liu


The crushing efficiency is high, the processing speed is fast, the machine is much more efficient than other homes, and the price is similar, it is indeed more reliablet….