How To Choose A Car Fuel Tank Crusher?

With the accelerating process of recycling industrial waste and domestic waste, various materials that were difficult to handle in the past have been treated in a more environmentally friendly way, and they can also turn waste into treasure and realize resource utilization. For example, car fuel tank treatment is one of them.

First of all, there are two types of car fuel tanks, metal and plastic. Metal is well understood, but plastic is actually a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material with high strength. Therefore, there are different solutions when dealing with waste car fuel tanks.

Metal fuel tanks need to be shredded by a metal shredder, and then cleaned to remove dangerous substances to achieve metal recovery. The plastic fuel tank needs a special plastic shredder to process, process it into plastic particles and then remove the dangerous substances. In addition, the recycling value of automobile fuel tanks of different materials is different. HDPE plastic fuel tanks are relatively valuable after being crushed and sorted by a shredder, so they should not be treated as ordinary plastics.

HONRONS is committed to protecting the earth and promoting sustainable development by improving waste disposal and recycling efficiency.

Different types of garbage have different recycling methods, and most of them can realize resource reuse. As a professional manufacturer of solid waste treatment equipment, HONRONS has long been engaged in the production of solid waste treatment equipment and the design of various solid waste recycling processes.

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