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Paper and Cardboard Shredding

Corrugated paper, packaging paper, office paper, books and magazines have a high reuse value. The uncontaminated ones can be re-made into paper or cardboard, while the contaminated ones can be used as fuel for power or heat generation, making Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). By shredding, paper and cardboard can be quickly reduced to the required size, helping to speed up screening and sorting; for fuel use, it can be reduced to a uniform size, improving combustion efficiency, generating more energy and reducing carbon emissions.

The shredding of paper and cardboard is a job that can be easily handled. We offer twin-shaft and single-shaft shredders for different applications. The twin-shaft shredder shreds the material in strips, which are mostly used for recycling, while the single-shaft shredder shreds the material in uniform squares, which are suitable for use as fuel. For specific applications we have different components available. Note that we are an industrial shredder manufacturer and do not manufacture small shredders for office use.

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Our machines are especially designed for the needs of paper mills, corrugated cardboard factories, paper converting factories, biomass power station, landfills, reference stations, manufacturing plants, RDF systems, biostabilisation, etc.

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