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Metals are derived from ores and are one of the most widely used materials in life, including iron, copper, aluminium, tin, lead, nickel, silver and zinc, etc. The combination of metals of different compositions is called an alloy. The recycling value of metals is extremely high and a large number of non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, copper and lead, have always been favoured by the recycling industry and due to their rarity, a large number of industries rely heavily on the recycling of scrap. With the use of metal shredders, scrap metal can be reduced to a uniform shape and size for separation and further processing.

The ubiquity of metal waste and the different physical properties (ductility, hardness, etc.) of different metal wastes require shredders with a wide range of material suitability. Some large metal recycling stations work at full capacity for long periods of time, so the stability and reliability of the metal shredder is also of paramount importance HONRONS’s metal shredders are designed to shred most scrap metal, be it drums, pipes, sheet metal or car shells. All our metal shredders are renowned for their high availability and reliability, and our ready-to-use spare parts library gives you peace of mind.

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Our machines are especially designed for the needs of paper mills, corrugated cardboard factories, paper converting factories, biomass power station, landfills, reference stations, manufacturing plants, RDF systems, biostabilisation, etc.

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